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During the first week of you starting or returning back to camp please book your appointment for your 1 on 1 Nutrition and Goal Setting Consult for the SECOND week that you are in camp.

In this time we spend time finding out what works and doesn’t work for you specifically. It’s the opportunity for you to ask questions and for us to customize your program just for you.

We don’t schedule your consult or worry about your nutrition specifics in the first week of camp as you are spending the time working and learning the workouts, exercises, form and dealing with the initial soreness from camp.

Your consult is part of your program and is the way you will become successful in achieving your goals. Even if you think you have a handle on what your plan and goals are there are items that we go over that you may not have thought about.

This service has a value of $125.00 per consult. It is given to you as a free service to all members in our program and there is a cost for non-members or those seeking our nutritional coaching program.

For more details on our Nutritional Coaching programs please go to our main website at Divine Fitness at www.Divine.Fitness where you will find all the services that we provide.

What to expect during your consult:

  • Questions that you may have and how to adjust to your program2764cf491af910fe64643f744bbe548b
  • Nutrition Basics what works and what doesn’t
  • Counting Calories vs’ Weighing
  • Calculating your current intake and making adjustments for results
  • Eating for success and how the body metabolizes your food
  • Vacation Meals and the importance of taking them for maximize results
  • Portion Control before and after workouts, while on vacation/eating out
  • Setting realistic goals and maintenance once you get there
  • Meal Prepping a key factor and in a successful week ahead



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I am here to give you the tools to succeed and achieve your health and fitness goals. Use me to your advantage and lets work together to get you on a plan that will take you to the place that you want to be.

Whether its for a competition, starting to eat healthy, maintenance or what to do at home with the family. I can help customize your program so that you are successful. With that in mind you will have to put in the work and taking short cuts or making adjustments that you think will work on your own I have found will not bring results like my clients want.

Sometime when talking with clients we just can’t seem to get past this one thing:
Free-form eating vs having a plan.

Free-form eating is when you just “try to make better choices”. You’re basically winging it. Assessing what your options are and making the best decision for you at the time.

That’s OK and better than making unhealthy choices, and for the most part if you’re not trying to change your body composition (how much fat and/or muscle you have) it’s a great, no-obsessing way to eat; just eat healthy most of the time. Simple as that.

But when the specific goal of having less fat/weight or more muscle is your focus, free-form eating is not the most efficient path. You need a plan.

The biggest obstacle however seems to be WHAT to eat. With your consult we address these things and more. But the most important factor in your plan is YOU and that is where we get into the nuts and bolts of trying to change your mindset and help you make small habit changes that will lead you to your goal.

Accountability is a key factor in learning a healthy lifestyle along with consistency, and tracking. Until these all become a habit you will need to put in the work and change your mindset on what is needed to get you to your goal.

06cdfae5e6be5ccafe17b5f6be0dbacaThere are no IFs, ANDS or BUTs in this. Excuses are just that. If you follow what I suggest I guarantee you will get to where you want to go. Most often than not if you aren’t getting the results you need it’s something in the habits of the day/week/month that are keeping you from succeeding.

We are all busy, we are all trying to get through our everyday life and living a healthy lifestyle just like the unhealthy lifestyle that you are currently living is a habit.

My program is based on Habit Based Nutrition and Fitness. It’s a lifestyle that is acquired over time with small changes that will turn into habits.

Just like your current lifestyle has became your baseline you can change that to a healthy lifestyle baseline but you have to be ready to make the changes.

I can give you all the tools I have but if you don’t use them it’s not going to matter how many tools you have in your tool box.


The questions you will have to ask yourself now are…..






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Committed to you creating your Divine Life,


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