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“Always Do The Things You          Think You Can’t!”

 Owner, Deborah Sandoval’s dream was to combine all her expertise in health, fitness, finance and the arts combine it all into one system to EMPOWER all women to live happier, feel stronger, become financially fit for their future, experience adventure with other liked minded women, all while discovering their passion for a Divine Life.

It becomes ever so important that we move through life we connect all aspects of our life with our health. As we train our bodies we build confidence and strength through fitness. As we practice mindful living and whole food nutrition our mind becomes clearer and provides us with energy.

This combination for success of whole body fitness and nutrition gives you the necessary balance to move through your every day living.

At Divine Fitness, LLC we educate, inspire and motivate you to become the best version of you. With our Reboot System we equip you with the tools to make mindful living a lifestyle in all areas of you life.


                                                                                                FAITH * FAMILY * FITNESS * FINANCE * FUN

EMPOWERING women from all walks of life, through motivation and inspiration we help you build FAITH in yourself to give you the power to reach your goals and dreams.

By joining one of our classes or workshops you become forever a part of OUR FAMILY a “TRIBE” of like minded women that support each other to live with purpose.

Through FITNESS we help you create physical strength giving you the confidence and energy to get through your everyday living.

By providing education on FINANCE through our complimentary Financial Fitness Workshops we work with you through a Financial Lifestyle Session and begin to create a plan of security to protect you, your business and your family. By providing you with the education and strategies to lower your taxes, save more towards a tax free retirement and the ability to pass it on to your generations to come.

We come together at FUN social outings and events so we can share our journey
and create new friendships.

It’s a POWERFUL formula for success, it’s the same formula I follow in my daily living and it has provided me with the strength, energy, security and the EMPOWERMENT

to live a Divine Lifestyle 

Mindful Living

Being mindful of planning for our life also means being confident in our future finances. We teach you how to put forth a plan for successful financial freedom that will help you focus on your goals and dreams.

​Our Financial Fitness Workshops will give you the peace of mind you deserve. We provide this financial education to anyone in our community, local business owners and families complimentary as our way of giving back.

Fitness with Purpose

We train all fitness levels. Whether you are just starting out, looking for something different, training for an event or just looking to get past that plateau, we can help.

Everyone works at their own level of fitness and we assist with progression to help achieve your weight loss and fitness goals. Working along side other like minded women creating the supportive “tribe” you need to reach your weight loss and fitness goals.

Nutritional Coaching

Our nutrition plans are crafted to get your body running like a machine. It’s customized to your specific body and goals. If you are looking to drop weight, have more energy, reduce your midsection, I have a plan that will get you there.

Lean bodies are created in the kitchen with whole food nutrition an essential part of living mindfully. To support our body’s strength as we workout, our minds clarity and our health.


To find out more about Divine Fitness, LLC and ALL of our services visit us at www.Divine.Fitness



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Living with the Power of Divinity

“Love yourself enough to live
​a healthy lifestyle”

My mission is to EMPOWER you with the tools to live with PURPOSE.

​Loving your Mind, Body & Spirit