Sandyann Ducarme-Grundy – Livermore — 5 star ratingI   I signed up with Deborah to take her boot camp a few years back. I loved how Deborah provided supportive and challenging feedback during the sessions so each participant could get the best workout possible within their ability. In addition to her training style another bonus is the classes are held outdoors where you get to enjoy the fresh air. So if you are someone who does not want to go to the boring gym and be inside then this is the thing for you. Deborah is very passionate about getting you healthy through proper nutrition and exercise. She can help you make life style changes that will move you towards a happier and healthier you. Somehow seeing that beautiful smile makes doing all those squats somehow less painful.

Chérie Chrislock – Dublin — 5 star ratingI   LOVE bootcamp with Deborah! I first joined in 2008 and loved it from day one. First of all there’s no better way than to start your day early and outside. The workouts are an hour long and with such variety you never get bored, but you are guaranteed to be tired when you’re done! You always come away feeling like you accomplished something fantastic. Deborah is an awesome motivator and has such contagious energy. She (gently) pushes you to do what you can do, makes you do more if she knows you can do it, always pays great attention to your form to avoid injuries; all with a huge smile. She is available any time to answer any questions you have, whether it be fitness, nutrition or pretty much anything. I have had great results with weight loss and gaining strength and flexibility through her varied workouts. All with just a yoga mat and hand weights – the rest is her guidance and encouragement! Oh, and showing up on your part. While I haven’t been able to attend every session all these years, when I’m not there I’m always wishing I was! Deborah is not only a great trainer, she treats everyone as a friend as well. It’s obvious she loves what she does. You should give it a try if you have the chance, you won’t regret it!!!

Gina Coomber – Livermore — 5 star rating!    Anyone thinking of making a change will love Deb’s program. She is fun, inspirational, motivational and supportive. Her boot camps are diverse and inclusive. I learned more about my strengths and how to overcome my challenges than I could have thought imaginable. If you are someone who wants change, is seeking a new perspective, loves the outdoors, Come check out this program. Discover YOUR NATURAL FORCE!



Nicole Murray – Livermore — 5 star ratingI   I had the pleasure of training with Deb several years ago before we moved to Hong Kong. My favorite thing about the program is that it takes place outdoors in Nature. I had tried other ‘boot camps’ and they were stale, indoors and boring. Deb is a great motivator and extremely knowledgeable about diet, nutrition and fitness. She gently pushes you to be the best you can be and encourages you to stay true to your goals. She is also a firm believer in the Mind, Body, Soul connection and is a beautiful person inside and out. Did I mention that she’s fun too? Highly recommend Natural Force – you will be pleasantly delighted with the program, Deb and the other awesome people you get to work out with.

Laura Olson Pleasanton — 5 star rating!  Bootcamp with Deborah is the BEST! Deborah is kind, motivating, energetic, fun and FABULOUS! She meets you where you are in your own personal fitness journey and helps you set & meet your goals. This is not a one-size-fits-all bootcamp. This is more like personal training in a fun, group setting. I also really appreciate that Deborah is a stickler for form and makes sure you stay safe while exercising.

I would recommend this camp to anyone looking to get fit…get fitter…or just start your day off in a great way! 🙂 

Cristy Shaffer – Pleasanton – 5 star rating!  I am so glad I signed up for this boot camp. I was looking for a challenge and something to get my fitness routine started again, and now I am hooked. I get such a better workout than I get on my own at the gym, and it is so much more fun. Deborah is an awesome trainer and she gives you such a great workout. You get out of it what you put into it, it can be for any level. And I love working out outside in the fresh air with a group, so much more motivating. I love it and will be signing up for more. Cristy

Courtney Coats– Livermore — 5 star rating! This is a great plan for anyone at any fitness level. I personally struggle with arthritis in both knees and Deborah was able to modify the exercises to accommodate my physical limitations. As a result of the exercises and strength training I successfully completed a 3-day 25 mile hike in Yosemite including climbing Half Dome; I did two mission trips to Africa and climbed Mt. Kenya first to 13,000 ft, the second was 16,000 ft to the peak. This all sounds quite extreme to many, but I honestly could not have done it without the guidance and training I received from attending Tri Valley Adventure Boot Camp.

Farzana–  Dublin – 5 star rating! I love the Tri Valley Boot Camp!!!! Deborah is an awesome trainer!!!!

Charlene – Pleasanton – 5 star rating!  What an awesome way to get in shape. Deborah is the best leader I have had and I’ve been to many different types of boot camps. This camp will work for anyone as Deborah has alternative exercises for people who are less fit and/or have an injury.

Carmen – Livermore, CA

5 star rating! I started with Deborah 2 years ago and found such a knowledgeable woman. I love her knowledge of nutrition, fitness and the most beautiful outdoor areas for her classes and unique events. 

I came to Divine Fitness – Tri Valley Boot Camp trying to find a way to loose weight and get helathy with my severe back pain. Every time I hit a plateau Deborah gave me multiple nutritious and fitness options that always worked. 

After applying Deborah’s advice and tips I’ve been successful at loosing weight (43+lbs), gaining strength to run my first half marathon and I feel amazing!

Once you come to Divine Fitness – Tri Valley Boot Camp you receive a wealth of knowledge, an incredible workout, a strong motivator and a beautiful friend!

Kathryn Hall – Pleasanton – Boot Camp!  My last resort before receiving Liposuction! ($6000)  I decided it was worth a try and I could do many boot camps for the price of Liposuction.  After two sessions, I was hooked!!!  I feel better, I look better, I eat better and even after 1 ½ years I always feel challenged.  No session is the same!  It doesn’t matter what level you Signing up for Adventure Boot Camp has been just that…an adventure. An exciting adventure that makes going to go to boot camp an easy part of any day.

Meghan HanlonDublin – Deborah leads you on a different workout during each day so boring isn’t even in the adventure boot camp vocabulary. Instead you’ll find words like skaters, frogs, bunny hops and by the end of the camp the two words – two laps – won’t be so hard to hear.

The work outs are designed so nobody is left behind. There is always somebody behind and in front of you, pushing you to race towards a better you.

The camp offers the opportunity to meet new people, get a healthy start to your day, and watch your fitness level increase.  It’s so addicting that while I have never been a morning person before – I look forward to my AM workouts and keep coming back for more!are, beginning, intermediate or advanced, you can fit all the exercises to your ability.  I love being outside early in the morning and Deborah is great and always there to encourage you and help you.  This is my exercise program!

Mary Ann – Pleasanton 

Judy Alexander – Pleasanton – I was between the misses dept and the plus size dept when I went to buy clothes.  There wasn’t much that fit me in my closet, even the blouses.  For awhile  I thought that was just the way I would stay.  For a long time I looked at a lot of diets and exercise programs on the internet.  When I found TriValley Boot Camp I signed up two or three times but never pushed the button to send it through.  Finally I did and was scared.  I thought I just couldn’t keep up with everyone else.  It was difficult in the beginning, but not something that was impossible.  After a couple of sessions I was starting to get close to getting back into my clothes.  It took awhile, but it also took awhile to grow out of them.  After a year I was back in everything.  I notice that my shape has changed, I have slimmed in places that were never slim before even when I weighed less.  I still have work to do, but now I am happier, have more energy, and know I will reach my goal.  Deborah is great, she inspires me and helps you know your limits.  I plan on continuing classes.  It is a great place to be!

Clifton Dergan, U. S. Marine – San Leandro – I MUST say that after all the one on one help and guidance I’ve solicited for my personal weight loss goals …. your BootCamp is by FAR the best value I’ve seen around … and now I’ll never go back to personal trainers whom demand $40-$100 and hour ?  The training and warm-ups I learned from your classes helped me run the Bay 2 Breakers that I had not done in 20 years and now I plan to run the Oakland Half Marathon…. Thank You Very Much!















Your Life, Your Body, Your Adventure…..

Train for It!