Why Join Our Tribe?

Welcome to our TRIBE of Women Empowering Women

After 10 years of serving the Tri Valley Area I decided that I wanted to make our program affordable for everyone so I developed a program that you can afford no matter your situation. Investing in your health is the number one priority for you. Without our health we cannot achieve other areas in our life to the fullest potential. Becoming ill or injured will effect your job, your home life, your relationships, your growth and your retirement!

I welcome you to the challenge of putting your health first so that your life will be filled with the confidence and joy in knowing you can deal with anything that comes your way!



Now I know that since you are visiting our page you are looking to change your body, your life and are ready for a change.

Maybe you are looking to get stronger, train for an event, want more confident and a better attitude all the way around. Don’t you think that now is the time you finally decide to put yourself and your health FIRST and to exchange some unhealthy choices for a great investment in your health? You deserve that, your family deserves that and your life will be more enlightened because of it. It’s time for YOUR TRANSFORMATION!

Here is some food for thought if you are contemplating if investing in your health and fitness is a priority for  you…
  • How many times a week do you stop and buy one of those great coffee drinks (most are not healthy unless it is straight coffee) at one of your favorite coffee shops? (The average person spends about $100 per month)
  • How many times a month are you eating out? (The average cost for eating out is $15-$30/meal) **NOTE in 2015 for the first time EVER Americans spend more money on eating out than they do on groceries for their families. Click Below  and read the article                                                               Americans Spend More Money On Dinniing Out Then Groceries!
  • How many energy products do you buy weekly? (Red Bull, or 5 Hour Energy. Average person spends $10 per day)
  • How do you want to spend your life savings? Doctor bills, missed days from work, presciption medication or co-pays? As you move on in life it’s even more important to stay healthy. I always ask my clients when they are contemplating the cost, do you want to spend your time off from work or your retirement in a hospital, frequent doctor visits, presciption medication or does being outdoors traveling, hiking, enjoying your family sound better? Do you want to be a burden and cause worry for your family due to poor health and illness that arise from that? (This reason alone should make you think twice. The average cost per year in 2015 was $10,000 per year!)
  • How much are you spending on alcohol or cigarettes each month? (This goes without saying that both of these do major damage to your body and the health care cost in addition to the cost of the items far surpass any excuse)

There have been studies after studies that show that the average American will spend anywhere from $300 to $500 a month on things that are making them gain weight, cause low energy levels, feel sick and the numbers are even higher for women 50 and older!

Those numbers don’t even include wasted time. If you value your time, like I do then decide now to make the change.

Let me ask you this. If you were to decide to commit yourself to a full year at our program and you were guranteed to transform your body and your life by following exactly what you were instructed to do with only 30 minutes a day for 3-5 days a week would you commit yourself to it?

That is why I decided to restructure our program to not only make you a fat burning machine and get results faster but to also fit into your busy lifestyle. A great workout burning at least 500 calories in 30 minutes to get you the results you want? PRICELESS!! 


How Tri Valley Adventure Boot Camp helps YOUR transform your LIFE!

  • See a 3-5% Reducgtion in Body Fat
  • Make new friends with the same goals and aspirations
  • Dramatic improvements in your physical well-being and boost in your self-confidence
  • Dramatically Reduce Your Risk to common diseases like heart disease, diabetes, stroke, inflammatory diseases, obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and stress related issues
  • Increased strength and endurance by at least 25%
  • Be ACCOUNTABLE for your body and your life
  • Loss of inches and a firmer body (1-3 inches from your midsection alone within the first 3 months)
  • Shed Fat and Unwanted Pounds so you can fit into those Skinny Jeans, Little Black Dress or Bikini
  • Motivation and inspiration in a team environment
  • Transform Your Body into a Fat Burning Machine
  • Fun, energizing activities crafted to help you reach your fitness goals fast
  • Nutritional guidance and education on health, wellness and proper form
  • Improve your breathing, sleep patterns, body movements and increase energy levels
  • Prepare for everyday life!


Laura Before                                                    Laura After: 50lbs lighter!









The more you attend boot camp the less you pay and the less you will weigh in the long run!


Will it be easy? NO way, it didn’t take overnight to get where you are right now, right?








Commit To Join Our Tribe:

Tribal packages are based on a commitment to yourself and the dedicated tribe of women that have decided to transform their lives. Once you finish your 3 Week Tests Drive and we decide that this is a great fit for you and our tribe you will be given the options available


I want women that are positive, committed, motivated and supportive of our tribe. It gives you a chance to see if the workouts, nutrition and our group is what will benefit you. It has to be a win-win situation all the way around.

I educate, support, motivate and push each and every woman that comes through my boot camp, personally. I take pride in my program being the first in the area and still the leader in outdoor fitness in the Tri Valley area. Quiet frankly I have limited time and want to help those that are ready to make a change.

How can you put a price on your health? Well I know not everyone can afford expensive programs and I want to be able to help as many women as I can so I made my program affordable. If you commit to the program then you will get results. It’s really all up to YOU!

I train all ages, all fitness levels and abilities. There is a starting point for everyone no matter where you are at today. My education and experience over the past 30 years allows me to give the best in health and fitness to all that come through my program.

If you are not sure yet that you want to join our tribe, here is one simple question for you.

How is where you are now and what you have been doing been working for you?

Well here is the best part…

I guarantee you results and if for some reason you don’t see any results, if you don’t have more energy, strength, fit better in your clothes or even if you don’t like us after you have joined we will give you your money back.

Now you have NO EXCUSES!

Join the Tribe of Women that train together, support each other and motivate each other to live a happier, healthy life!

What are you waiting for? In a year from now where will you be? Have you been doing this all alone and if so how has it worked out for you?







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